About The Company
Celebrate childhood and imagination with Belle Eve, a line of timeless, clothing and accessories for girls two to six years old. Our garments are of heirloom quality, to be cherished by mother and daughter. Each piece is made with love in our Vancouver studio, using natural fabrics and high quality trims. Classic silhouettes, along with comfortable fit and fabric, allow children to move and feel confident whether they are exploring, playing at a teddy bear tea party, or baking with family.  Each season, a new facet of Belle Eve’s imagination is featured through whimsical, embroidered illustrations.  
About The Designers
Melody and Belinda met on their first day at Kwantlen’s Wilson School of Design. They bonded over tea breaks, themed party dresses, and a shared love for children’s wear design. Throughout the 4 years of their Fashion Design and Technology degrees they became best friends. These best friends continually inspire each other to believe in their imagination.